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DRYAPE® | *NEW Luxury Urban Fashion Brand*



Hello my name is Darcel, I am a young African American entrepreneur and urban fashion designer. Early this year I created a fashion brand with a my co-founder called "DRYAPE®",  a very small start-up based in Washington, DC. I work with a very small team of designers one being myself, and we produce high quality footwear for men, women and kids. 

Who We Target

DRYAPE® brand target the urban culture that value quality apparel, our style best fit millennials, middle and high-class consumers around the ages of 18-50.  DRYAPE® goal is to become a lifestyle clothing brand you think of us when you want style and profile and wear something new. 

Use Of Funds

We will use the funding to purchase supplies like 

  • Bags, shoe boxes, wrapping paper, etc

  • Sample apparel, footwear samples,  outsource graphic draft designer

  • Molds for shoe sole sizes (sole molds can cost $5k or more per size)

  • Bulk purchases for the best rates

  • Warehouse cost for the year

  • Give back to our backers

  • Advertising The Brand